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Like many photographers, this is my second career, and how I'm enjoying it! My site will highlight different areas of photography that I enjoy. Take a tour through my galleries and get a glimpse of things to come!

On the portfolio page, please take note:

I have designed this collection of works by themes. Please click on any thumbnail to see the collection behind it in that particular theme.

Most of the photos will be available as stock, greeting cards, prints of various sizes, or simply for your viewing pleasure.

At age 10 my father put his 35mm Kodak camera in my hands and with a few general rules sent me out to explore my world. Everafter I have been intrigued with the colors surrounding me and passionate about the world I live in, anxious to record the spendors I have seen. That was in the beginning...

Then came my marriage to Bob Prunty,my academic career,and the addition of 3 children. With children raised,married, and children of their own,and a recent retirement from a scientific career, now I have time to play with my world of photography and art - seriously!

I have been fortunate to have been published and have won several awards. Now come and enjoy!!

Kay Prunty